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Build your thought leadership profile

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Thought leaders have unfair advantages

We help leaders build their personal brand and professional thought leadership profile. Digital Journal’s Insight Forum (IF) offers a publishing platform to people who want to reach millions of engaged readers each month. 

  • Differentiate from your competition
  • Attract and recruit talent
  • Grow your reputation

Why join?

Digital Journal is an award-winning, global digital media publication that reaches more than a million readers every month.

Joining the Insight Forum sets you apart as a thought leader. With your own dedicated author page, you have the opportunity to expand your reach and grow your influence.

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Thought leadership isn't just about having all the answers — it's about asking the right questions that challenge conventional thinking and inspire innovative solutions.

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Reimagining the "what ifs" of thought leadership

Thought leadership is about standing out, inspiring others, and making a real impact through sharing ideas and expertise. In a world flooded with information, thought leaders rise above the noise and drive innovation.

Be the voice that people listen to, and the mind they turn to for fresh perspectives and industry insights. 

Who it's for

We get a wide range of interest for the the Insight Forum from a variety of people. The Insight forum is designed for:

  • Individuals
  • Agency leaders and their clients
  • Professional services professionals including law, consulting, and accounting
  • Startup entrepreneurs
  • Scaleup leaders
  • Corporate innovators
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Build trust and credibility 

Sharing consistent insight allows thought leaders to establish and reinforce themselves as trusted authorities within their industry. This trust is essential for building strong relationships with stakeholders and clients, differentiate from competition, and attract talent and partnerships.

Get noticed

Thought leaders push the boundaries of knowledge within their field and introduce new ideas, perspectives, and solutions. These are sought after by media outlets and conferences and can profoundly impact the perception of a personal and professional brand.

Network and collaborate

Thought leadership attracts like-minded individuals and organizations, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing within your industry. By amplifying your voice on Digital Journal, you can further expand your influence and open up new opportunities.

"Digital Journal's Insight Forum is a game-changer for awareness and reach. I’ve worked with clients in agriculture, energy, and construction who have leveraged the platform, and I've had so many doors open as a result. I'd absolutely recommend joining."

Claire Poole
Claire Poole

Insight Forum

Your annual membership

An annual membership to the Digital Journal Insight Forum is $3,500 USD.

With your subscription you get to:

  • Publish a monthly thought leadership column under your profile and distribute it in the news cycle
  • Promote your industry and expand your network
  • Increase your visibility and credibility

Frequently Asked Questions

What guidelines should I follow when submitting content?

A link to our editorial and style guidelines can be found in the footer of this page. Digital Journal prioritizes originality and fresh perspectives, so we want you to use your distinct voice — but following these guidelines will help get your content published quickly.

Are content creation services available?

Yes, we have various packages based on needs and requirements. For more information, visit:

How much does it cost?

Membership fees for one year and up to 12 articles is $3,500 USD.

Who is Digital Journal’s audience?

A comprehensive list of our demographic data can be found in the footer of this page.

How long does it take for my application to be reviewed?

Your application is important to us. Our team works to review all applications within 3 business days. 

How does billing work?
Memberships are billed on the date of your purchase. Your subscription will renew automatically on the anniversary of our purchase unless cancelled. Invoices are sent via email each billing cycle.